Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's just call this one "Lot's of Nice Things to Look At"

with everything I eat or drink, this is what happens.

might aswell..

This is something I would like to do.

The Berlin wall. It was really interesting to see one side transformed and the other side completely blank. Communism for yah.

Focus. on. hair.

So ghostly, it's almost creepy.

A beautiful field of weeds. (l)

Weed Lover. Where the hippies sleep.

Space? .. Universe? How the heck did you get in my coffee? and why is it meowing! D:

A casual afternoon.

Wise words from a fortune cookie. Don't worry, fortunes don't control my life. I do have my own opinion. Once I read this a second time.. I came to realize that this message makes absolutely no sense at all. "wrong attempt discarded" if we forget about our mistake we will not move forward? ("is a step forward") if anything, we should learn from our mistakes.  Silly Chinese man photocopying fortune cookie messages at the Mandarin, sorry but I think you have made a typo. Not to be rude, but I accuse you of giving false information. No worries though, I will always come back to the Mandarin. The chicken balls are amazing.