Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yepp, this is my cat.. well my granny's cat.  His name is blacky. I know what you are all thinking, WOW. "Blacky", such a creative name for a black cat. -.-'  and yes, that is a drawing of the king himself, Elvis Presley hanging on the wall.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

haha! this is me with my COOL camera.. not really. But the camera taking this picture just so happened to catch my dog SMASHING it's way through the snow because it was running around like a crazy maniac! That is what my dog does once it gets outside. Oh how I love my dog, if I could marry my dog I would.
       I thought spring was on it's way.. until it started snowing and it got super cold again. -.-' OH well.. what can yah do.
...I was so drunk last night, I think I thought a tube of toothpaste was astronaut food. :/
The lunatics are on the grass...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Cool Kid

YAH right. sure. You're a cool kid all right. You got personal style, and a blog. LOOK at you. whatever. You're not cool, your fake. You have absolutely no back bone what so ever. Gees, get a hold of yourself.

barbecue eel anyone?

some pretty hanging butterflies I picked up for only 10 bucks at vintage memories!

the cool kid...
So I have tons of school work to do, but I am such a procrastinator. I must get it from my dad.. today we went to the store. It just so happened that Shoppers Drugmart and Wal-mart were right beside each other.. LITERALLY like just a couple meters. My dad is so lazy that he drove from one store to the other. WHY NOT JUST WALK?! Question dad.. Do you hop in your car to go check the mail too?